Injustice in Work and Other Domains of Society

Feminist theorists and theorists of race have made compelling points against liberal theories of social justice, for overlooking many disadvantages that women and racial minorities experience. Some have developed non-ideal methods of reasoning about justice, in order to better account for these disadvantages. Their non-ideal methods provide accounts of injustice that are specific to gender and race, i.e. accounts of sexist oppression (Khader 2018) and racial injustice (Mills 2017). I will develop a different kind of account, by building upon a version of the criticism from feminist theorists and theorists of race. On this version of their criticism, liberal theories of justice idealize particular domains of society that tend to disadvantage women and racial minorities, such as families and residential communities. I propose an account of injustice that centers on the domains that involve disadvantage, rather than centering on the groups who experience the disadvantages.