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In spring 2017, I will be primary instructor for the following courses at the University of Hong Kong:

Capitalism and Social Justice: undergraduate course.

Global Justice: undergraduate course.

Understanding Global Problems: Theory and Practice: master’s level course.


In 2016-2017, I will be primary instructor for one postgraduate course at LSE.

GV4D7: Dilemmas of Equality. The course starts with the general question of why (or if) equality matters. It then introduces some of the major debates in the contemporary egalitarian literature: equality of what; equality of opportunity versus equality of outcome; luck egalitarianism versus relational equality. Throughout the course, and particularly in the latter half, we consider concrete social problems and dilemmas faced by those who are committed to the ideal of equality. Topics covered this year include global inequalities, discrimination, and policies that aim to reduce gender inequality.

In previous years (2013, 2014, 2015), I have been primary instructor for:

GV442: Globalization and Democracy. The contemporary debate about globalization raises profound questions about the changing nature and form of politics today. This course examines two dimensions of the debate: the impact of various forms of globalization on democratic and democratizing states, and the prospects for the democratization of global politics.

The course covers the following topics: 1) how democracy can be understood as a concept, and what makes democracy valuable; 2) how democracy within states, both in affluent and developing countries, is affected by various dimensions of globalization, notably international trade and financial flows, transnational companies, migration and international institutions; and 3) whether and how global politics can be made more democratic, including an examination of the role played by international organizations, transnational civil society, and novel governance initiatives